Pediatric Eye Exams

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Taking your child for routine eye exams can help protect their eye health and ensure they can see clearly at school and play. The practitioners at Dr. Richlin, OD & Associates, in Beverly Hills, California, offer pediatric eye exams designed to measure your child’s visual acuity and eye health, even if they don’t know their ABCs. Call or make an appointment online today.

Pediatric Eye Exams Q & A

How often should my child see an optometrist?

The optometrists at Dr. Richlin, OD & Associates recommend that you bring your child for their first eye exam when they reach age 3. You can bring them in for an exam earlier if they show signs of vision problems or poor eye health.

You should also have your child’s eyes checked around age 5 before they start school. If your child doesn’t wear corrective lenses, they should have exams every two years. They should have annual checkups if they do need corrective lenses.

The team at Dr. Richlin, OD & Associates are also committed to infant eye health. The practice participates in InfantSEE®, a volunteer eye health program. As part of the program, they offer free eye exams for children up to 12 months old to make sure their eyes are healthy.

What are the signs my child needs glasses?

Some of the common signs your child might need glasses include:

  • Squinting
  • Frequently rubbing their eyes
  • Tilting their head or covering an eye
  • Sitting close to the television
  • Holding books or tablets close to their face
  • Complaining of headaches

Your child might also start to act out at school or their performance may decline if they can’t see the front of the class.

What happens during a pediatric eye exam?

During a pediatric eye exam, your optometrist checks your child’s vision and eye health. When you have your eyes checked, you read lines of letters in decreasing sizes to measure your acuity. For children, your optometrist uses a chart of recognizable images, such as apples, houses, squares, and circles.

They also use retinoscopy to examine the back of your child’s eye and random dot stereopsis to check how their eyes work together.

How can I prepare my child for an eye exam?

You can tell your child a story about what to expect at the eye doctor and talk to them about the different tests. Children often feel more in control and confident when they know what to expect and what’s expected of them.

You can show them pictures of the practice and the optometrists from the website. The practitioners at Dr. Richlin, OD & Associates are experienced in working with children and are happy to answer questions and help your child feel comfortable.

If your child is due for an eye exam, call the practice or make an appointment online today.