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Many eye diseases, such as retinopathy or macular degeneration, cause irreparable damage to your sight, resulting in low vision. The optometrists at Dr. Richlin, OD & Associates, in Beverly Hills, California, provide comprehensive eye exams and customized vision aids to help you see as clearly as possible. Call Dr. Richlin, OD & Associates or make an appointment online today.

Low Vision Q & A

What is low vision?

Low vision is the term for permanently impaired vision that can’t be corrected with glasses, contact lenses, or intraocular implants. However, with careful, customized eye care from the optometrists at Dr. Richlin, OD & Associates, you can protect your remaining vision and use aids to perform your regular daily activities, read, watch television, or enjoy other hobbies.

Low vision is defined as vision that at best-corrected visual acuity is worse than 20/70. Legal blindness is an extreme form of low vision in which your visual acuity is 20/200 or a visual field of fewer than 20 degrees. Furthermore, many people with low vision experience tunnel vision and blind spots.

What causes low vision?

Many eye diseases can cause low vision, including:

  • Diabetic retinopathy
  • Glaucoma
  • Macular degeneration
  • Retinitis pigmentosa

You may also develop low vision following an eye injury or from rarer conditions, such as eye cancer or brain injuries.

How is low vision diagnosed?

The optometrists at Dr. Richlin, OD & Associates diagnose low vision during comprehensive eye exams. The doctor either finds signs of a contributing eye disease or, during your visual acuity testing and retinoscopy, they discover that your sight isn’t entirely correctable with glasses or contact lenses.

How is low vision treated?

If you have low vision, the optometrists at Dr. Richlin, OD & Associates offer a variety of vision aids to help you see clearly enough to maintain your daily responsibilities and hobbies. For example, you may benefit from specialized magnifying devices to help you read or see a computer screen clearly.

The optometrists at Dr. Richlin, OD & Associates also offer comprehensive rehabilitation programs to help you regain your independence and improve your quality of life. For example, if you develop a blind spot, your doctor can help you identify your next best point of vision and learn to use that spot to see as clearly as possible. The doctors also train you to use low vision aids, so you feel comfortable and confident with the equipment.

If you’re concerned about low vision, either for yourself or a loved one, call Dr. Richlin, OD & Associates or schedule a consultation online today for comprehensive assessments and customized treatments.

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