Low Vision


What Is Low Vision?

At times, ordinary glasses, contact lenses or intraocular implants still cannot provide sharp vision. Most people with a visual impairment have remaining useful vision to read, preform their daily activities, continue their hobbies and maintain employment when they have the proper low vision aids such as eyeglasses, magnifiers or mounted telescopes.

How Low Vision Aids Can Help

  • Difficulty reading regular sized or small print
  • Improve Distance Vision
  • Difficulty performing daily tasks such as cooking, sewing, walking
  • Difficulty with driving vision

Learn to Maximize Vision Aids

To ensure proper success, training is required to use Low Vision aid devices to their maximum capacity. We will evaluate your vision to assist you with a comprehensive rehabilitation plan to help you achieve realistic goals that will increase your independence and improve your quality of life. The initial evaluation lasts about 90 minutes and may extend for one or more visits depending on the complexity of your needs.