LASIK Laser Vision Correction

LASIK Vision Correction

LASIK is Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis. Laser Vision Correction is a group of surgical procedures developed to help you reduce or even eliminate your need for eyeglasses or contact lenses. LASIK is the most common type of procedure to reshape the cornea. Most patients are very happy with the results. It’s no wonder that LASIK laser vision correction has quickly emerged as one of the true medical breakthroughs of modern history.

Your conscientious and highly experienced doctors will perform a thorough preoperative eye examination to determine if the procedure is appropriate for your individual case. We will further discuss the benefits, risks, available options, and preparation and recovery associated with the surgery to ensure that your goals and expectations are realistic.


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LASIK Surgery Co-Management

We closely work with you and top-rated LASIK surgeons to assure the best surgical outcome. All pre-operative and post-operative eye care can be conveniently performed in our Beverly Hills office.

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